Markus Raab taking photo with his Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II banner cropped

Viewing the world through different lenses

My name is Markus and I am from the beautiful country Austria, but I would love to call the entire world my home.

I love to travel and realized that there are quite a few different variations of “traveling”. You can be on a guided tour in a capital of your neighboring country, find your own way through a rural or urban area far away from home, or take a trip out wherever you currently live and do some micro-exploring.

See the world through a lens
Do not forget to that you can switch lenses when looking at the world

After hitting the shutter button a million times on interesting (and not so interesting) sightseeings and occasionally on my friends on one of our unforgettable party holidays, I got soon bored and realized I need to expand my photographic horizon. I never ever looked at the photos of the hundreds of sightseeings I took 10 years ago but I still love to watch the photos of my friends and me.

It is easier to learn with still objects, but photographs of people are always more stunning.

When my most recent point and shoot camera – the Canon PowerShot S100 – decided that it is coming to an end it was about time to make the move to a more flexible system. However, there was one big worry when considering a full-frame DSLR. Will I ever carry it with me including a set of lenses?

In the end I decided to give it a go with a DSLM system (mirrorless), and for the first time I understood not only the advantage of the flexibility such a camera brings, but also how much more I can connect with the object I want to capture, just by being fully focused when discovering the magic through the camera’s viewfinder.

Don’t get me wrong – most of the time it is just best to lean back, take your time and watch what is going on in front of your eyes. My camera though helps me to focus on the amazing details.

Having the capability to interchange lenses, adding filters, working with a tripod, and playing with the camera settings got me hooked and I started to learn more and more about photography.

Markus Raab in Bali on a photo tour
Me in Bali 2019 exploring the touristy and not so touristy areas

A year later I was still so much into photography that I decided to create an online portfolio and start with stock photography. Stock photography is not something you can make money off if you do not do it on a professional level, but I believe it helps to be more careful in shooting quality photographies and stay hungry to keep on learning.

Besides practicing photography I would love to start out with videography as well at some point, however, I understood how much of an investment in time this means – plus additional equipment. Photography can be done on a total beginner level and highly professional level – I would say as of now I am somewhere in the middle.

Markus Raab taking photo with his Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II banner
Sometimes it just needs the smartphone camera to take a snapshot

My next photographic goals include more people, portraits and moving objects. I am also interested to make shootings in low light by using the tripod, do some macros, and experiment with time lapse. I did not focus yet on a specific photographic niche as I believe it will show anyway over time.