Why I have a love-hate relationship with my new Macbook Pro 2019

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Why I have a love-hate relationship with my new MacBook Pro 2019

Apple … love it or hate it. I actually have quite a divergent opinion about Apple. There are just many things I do not like at all about them. And still I got again a MacBook. This time I even upgraded to a MacBook Pro 2019. 

About 8 years ago I switched from Windows computer to the MacBook and MacOS and was happier then ever with this change. My MacBook Air 2011 accompanied me for such a long time, and I even could sell it for a good price in the end. 

I knew I cannot change back to Windows yet. I tested some other devices. It was not so much about the hardware, it was about the software and perhaps the workflow that works so well for me. 

Thanks god I am not an Apple fanboy or an Apple addict. At least thats what I think of myself. I know so many purchase Apple devices simply because of seeing it as a status symbol. Hell, how many people run around with their AirPods in their ears without actually using them. It is just an accessories and a status symbol. Nothing else.

I think it definitely is different for me. I remember actually how often I had to defend myself among my study colleagues that I am using an Apple MacBook and that I actually even like it. It feels for many business informatics students it was cool to be simply against Apple without any reason. 

What I actually want to say is that I really love my MacBook. Perhaps I love the MacOS more than the actual hardware though. Because the latest generation simply sucks. How come I have problems after only two months, when my old MacBook Air from 2011 lasted for 8 years without any problems. Okay, I admit, I had to change the battery once. 

However, it was a sturdy machine. The MacBook Pro 2019 feels not that sturdy. The built material is simply softer. I believe this is one of the reasons why the keyboard gets pressed against the screen when closing the lid. 

You can read thousand reports about this problem with all Apple devices. Of course, the MacBooks have an incredible design, but at what price. What is the sense of a slim device, if the MacBook’s screen gets destroyed by its own keyboard. 

Have you ever used the webcam in low light? I thought I went back in time. I could not believe it. Such a low quality. How is this possible? There must be a problem with my hardware. I started to research, I started to test, I started to reset pretty much everything I could reset. Nothing helped. 

Next I approached strangers in cafes and asked them if I can compare the quality of the MacBook webcam by using FaceTime next to each other. Oh my god, this is not the problem of my device. It is the problem of all devices. I compared the video quality with an older MacBook Air and realized that the webcam back then was actually of better quality. 

I actually received even a complaint while using it in a Skype call with one of my clients. I know now, if I want to have serious video calls or recordings I have to purchase an external webcam.

I cannot believe that I am actually not done yet. My MacBook Pro 2019 makes click noises when I touch it. Unfortunately, I am not talking about the force touch trackpad feature. No, I am talking about some sound that comes from the body itself. I can only hear it in silent environment (my preferred working environment). Right next to the touchpad there is an area that probably comes with some void below. If I touch it slightly it responds with some annoying sound. 

Usually I am not touching the body next to the touchpad, so what am I complaining about. The problem is that the sound of that particular area comes also when I just use my normal touchpad. I do not even need to click on it. Just tapping the touchpad is enough. 

What should I say about the butterfly keyboard? There are a lot of controversial topics out there and god knows how many millions this has cost Apple already. After 5 years of consistent problems with the butterfly keyboard Apple finally decided to move back to its scissor keyboard systems in 2020.

I personally do not have a problem with the keyboard yet. Yes, indeed it is quite unusual to type at first. I am definitely shortening my nails more often now as it simply becomes weird to type if your fingernails are too long. However, I can type fast an efficient and do not experience the problems so many people complain about. I also know that those problems usually appear after time, so let’s hope for the best that this keyboard will last as long as the keyboard of my previous MacBook Air did.

Talking about keyboard, there is one more thing. I love to keep my stuff clean. Everything. Especially my tech gear. Particularly if it was expensive. I do not know what they changed on that new keyboard but if you want to keep it clean you are forced to clean it after every single usage. I am serious. This keyboard takes on oil and dirt like a magnet. 

I for sure cleaned the keyboard of my MacBook Air as well. I can guarantee though I did not do that on a daily basis. On top of that I know now that the keyboard can touch the screen slightly when the lid is closed. 

What should I say … it will be a never-ending love-hate relationship. I do not believe that this (way more expensive) MacBook Pro will last as long as my previous MacBook Air. Still I take all of those annoying problems with me to avoid a Windows laptop. Technology will never be perfect, and neither will we be. Love it, hate it, or leave it.

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